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Customs statistics: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Moldova, India, Bangladesh, USA, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and many other countries of the world.

Customs data contains all shipment information, including dates, quantities, prices, and company details. We have collected a huge database of imports and exports of goods in various directions, categories and countries.

cis markets
Competitive Analysis

Get ahead of the competition by analyzing the business activity of your competitors and their trading partners from CIS shipping data

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Business connections

Data on imports and exports of the CIS countries and abroad will help you find importers and exporters in the CIS countries and track the details of their deliveries with their business partners.

monitor compititor
Incredible Ideas

Trade data and detailed reports on companies, products and other market components keep you up to date with the latest developments in the world of international trade.

New opportunities Customs data of various countries

Evaluate the market of the CIS countries, Asia, China, Europe and the USA. Find simple answers to trading questions that interest you, analyze the market and find target buyers or sellers of various goods


Create a list of qualified buyers from different countries and track their imports by CIS trade data.
Know the business of competitors and their trading partners.


Find suppliers from different countries and find out their exports from the goods shipment data. Study the trading activities of competitors and their business partners.

Marketing research

Evaluate the business of the CIS countries, China and Europe by companies, industries, product specifications, periods of time, etc. Disseminate the best market research results.


Calculate the market share of companies importing and exporting goods from the CIS countries, China and European countries
Satisfying their transportation and logistics needs is very simple.


Track the activities of companies dependent on the import and export of various goods, study their market value to build a good business relationship.

Data on TNVED

View and analyze the purchasing power of various regions of the CIS countries and Europe for certain imports and exports

Current database

We regularly update our databases for various regions and products. You can always be sure to receive fresh and up-to-date information for the period you need

Register of enterprises

We provide not only customs data for various countries, but also a register of enterprises, which is updated every quarter. You can purchase from us both the register of enterprises as a whole, and selectively according to the selection criteria you specified for the available fields

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More than 150 countries in the database, more than 37 countries with advanced statistics on prices, countries, regions, companies and products. We provide not only customs and trade data on imports and exports for specific items, but also data on rail transport, data on business registers, financial status of companies and detailed production statistics.
Detailed data and reports on imports and exports in the CIS countries and abroad will help you find potential importers and exporters, track their trade details for competitiveness. It is very easy to find buyers or sellers in the region you need!