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Monitoring the financial and economic condition of enterprises

Monitoring the financial and economic condition of the enterprise, checking a business partner in Russia includes the following:

Analytical Company structure

Card; Registration data; Licenses; Major shareholders; Participation in holdings, FIGs, concerns and associations; Affiliated companies; Board of Directors; Executive agency; Description of activity; Commitments; plans; Sanctions and courts; Output; Balance; Profit and loss statement; Odds; Economic indicators; Information about promotions; Dividend history

Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities of Russia

Basic registration data of the enterprise, incl. data on founders, director, etc.

Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities with an additional block of financial and economic indicators

Analytical balance; Analytical report on profits and losses; IAS balance; Regulatory coefficients; Bankruptcy check; Calculation of net assets; Asset structure; Structure of liabilities; Liquidity; Performance results

Analytical report

Expert review; Assessment of the degree of relationship (affiliation) with other companies; Information about bank accounts; Corporate structure, management bodies; Plans for future activities, commitments; Analysis of financial activity; Combining management positions in companies; Branches, subsidiaries and affiliates


  • FEA data of China, USA, India updated according to
  • RZD and Ukrzaleznits data updated according to
  • FEA data of Uzbekistan updated according to
  • Data on the production of products in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan updated according to
  • FEA data of Moldova and Kyrgyzstan updated according to