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Customs statistics of Ukraine

The customs base, which you can purchase on our website, is presented in several versions.

We provide three types of Ukraine customs database, namely: 

Ukraine’s foreign economic activity statistics are available from 1999 to the present.

Update – weekly/monthly.

Reports from the database of the customs of Ukraine are based on the data of the VMI of UKRAINE

If necessary, full accounting support is possible: a contract, an act of acceptance and delivery  of work performed and an invoice , sent by registered mail of Russia and scanned copies by e-mail;

Tell us the UKT ZED (TN VED) codes you need from the directory attached below, the direction of cargo movement of interest (import/export), the period for which customs statistics are required, the desired format of the customs base fields – via the feedback form or simply by calling us. We will calculate the cost for your specific request, clarify all the necessary details!


  • FEA data of China, USA, India updated according to
  • RZD and Ukrzaleznits data updated according to
  • FEA data of Uzbekistan updated according to
  • Data on the production of products in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan updated according to
  • FEA data of Moldova and Kyrgyzstan updated according to